EMF Radiation Could Affect Male Fertility, but There’s a Simple Solution

My wife and I are considering having a baby, and I’ll never forget the first time she approached me about it.

I was sitting on the couch with my laptop warming my lap when suddenly I thought,

“Wait a minute! Is this going to be a problem? Are my sperm being cooked at the very moment I need them most?”

I was worried about heat from the laptop affecting my sperm, but as I started to look into it, I realized I had a lot more to worry about than that.

Laptops and other electronic devices, like cell phones, televisions, microwave ovens, and Wi-Fi, create electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and emit electromagnetic radiation.¹

Suddenly, I had to worry about all the times I carried my cell phone in my front pocket or stood in front of the microwave as it cooked my TV dinner.

If I was going to try and make a baby, I needed a way to ward off this EMF radiation ASAP. That’s when I found smartDOT.

smartDOT is a simple, affordable device that helps you limit your exposure to EMFs.

What Are EMFs?

EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, exist whenever an electric charge or electricity is flowing through the environment,¹ which basically means that they exist everywhere, all the time.

In the natural environment, thunderstorms create EMFs.¹

The Earth’s magnetic pull, the thing that makes compasses point north, is also an EMF.¹

There are lots of man-made items that produce EMFs, too.

Think of power lines and cell phone towers, wall outlets and toaster ovens¹ — all of these things produce their own electromagnetic field, and anywhere there’s an EMF, there’s also electromagnetic radiation.

EMF radiation isn’t always a cause for concern. During thunderstorms or with basic electric appliances, EMF frequency levels are too low to do any harm.¹

But many of our favorite electronics, including the aforementioned laptop, cellphone, microwave, and Wi-Fi, emit a higher frequency EMF known as a radiofrequency (RF) field.¹

Never before have we been exposed to so many RF EMFs, and scientists still don’t know what this increased exposure means for our health.

But, the research on how EMFs affect male fertility is not looking good for my little swimmers.

How Does EMF Affect Male Fertility?

Current research indicates that exposure to RF EMFs from cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi, and microwave ovens is harmful to sperm count, motility, and structure.²

Essentially, EMF radiation leads to fewer sperm, and the sperm you have can’t swim to your partner’s egg as easily.

Exposure to EMF can also affect the hormone system, damage genetic material, and cause oxidative stress.²

In one animal study, researchers found that mice exposed to EMF radiation experienced decreased testosterone levels, damaged DNA, and cell death in their testicles.³

With so much ominous research and the future of my family on the line, I wanted to do something to improve our odds of having a baby. So, I decided to order smartDOT.

What Is smartDOT?

smartDOT is a magnetic disk that’s programmed with a specific, naturally occurring frequency.

All you have to do is apply smartDOT to your electronic device (or slide it into your cell phone case).

It will go to work, harmonizing the EMF radiation that your device creates and transforming it into a harmless, lower frequency field.

You don’t have to worry about applying smartDOT in just the right place for it to work. As long as it’s on your device, smartDOT will do its job.

To truly minimize your EMF exposure, get one for every electronic device in your house.

smartDOT is an affordable investment in your health. It retains its programming indefinitely, so you never have to replace it.

How Does smartDOT Support You From EMF Radiation?

smartDOT can’t protect you from all EMF radiation.

There will always be EMFs in the environment from other people’s devices, plus radio signals and cell phone towers.

But, it can help you reduce exposure from your personal devices — the EMF-emitting technology you’re in close contact with every day.

In testing, smartDOT reduced the heat that test subjects’ bodies absorbed from EMF-emitting devices and decreased the disturbances these devices create in the subjects’ biofield.

According to Dr. Thornton Streeter from the Centre for Biofield Science, smartDOT is “profoundly effective in negating the effects of mobile phone radiation on the human body.”

Try smartDOT to Support Your Swim Team

If you’re ready to start reducing your exposure to EMF radiation, get smartDOT.

It will help you support yourself, your swimmers, and your future family from one of the most common and least understood environmental factors today.

smartDOT comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.

And right now, you can get a special offer that will allow you to buy more smartDOTs for more devices.

You’re trying to make a baby, but you should still use protection — at least against EMF radiation.

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