I Took My Son’s Phone Away Because Of Radiation… Then I Gave It Back. Here’s Why.

Taking away my son’s phone was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.

I had a good reason. As you may know, modern devices (like phones, laptops, WiFi, cell networks, etc) create something called “Electromagnetic Fields” – or “EMFs”.

EMFs are a powerful source of radiation… and I used to think they were safe. But recently, I learned that 252 scientists from 43 countries signed a petition to the United Nations – warning them about the potential long-term dangers of EMFs, especially on children.

After more research, I found out that we don’t REALLY understand EMFs. All we know for sure is that children absorb 10X more EMF radiation than adults… and childhood cancer rates have risen by 27% since 1975 (when these devices started becoming popular).

Cell Phone Radiation Penetrating Skull

The more I researched, the more startling facts I discovered:

Study by Gandi et al. University of Utah, 1996.

  1. Children absorb more energy than adults from the same phone.
  2. Midbrain tumors are more deadly than those in the temporal lobe.
  3. Children’s cells reproduce more quickly than adults’.
  4. Children’s immune systems are not as well developed as adults’.
  5. Life-time exposure for children is much, much higher than adults.

I didn’t want to take any chances… so I immediately took my son’s phone away.

As you can probably guess, he went bezerk. He said his classmates were able to use their phones, and he didn’t understand why I was doing this to him.

I felt horrible – I don’t like making decisions for my child. But when it comes to his health, I have to “be the mommy”. I couldn’t stand the thought of something tragic happening, especially if I could have prevented it.

But eventually, I gave my son his phone back… and I feel much safer now, thanks to one little change.

How My Son Got His Phone Back (And Why I’m Happy About It)

When my husband heard about the situation, he agreed with our son – mostly because he hadn’t done the research on EMFs. So I made him a deal: “Prove to me that EMFs aren’t dangerous, and I’ll give Ben his phone back.”

I didn’t think this was possible, so I was shocked when he came back less than an hour later… but his response was NOT what I expected.

Like me, he quickly realized he couldn’t prove that EMFs are safe (and even got a little freaked out). But instead of giving up, he found another solution – something that could make it safe for our son to use his phone again.

Apparently, a specialist company in the UK recently developed an anti-radiation device. It’s called “the smartDOT” – and when it arrived just a few days later (along with two more for me and my husband), we gave it a test… and I’m really glad we did. These things are brilliant!

What’s a smartDOT?

Simply put, a smartDOT is a small non-electrical device that attaches to your phone, laptop, or other EMF-emitting device.

When attached to your device, it reduces EMF radiation – without causing problems with the device itself.

It’s the first (and only) solution of its kind.

And get this: in the few weeks since we started using it, we’ve noticed some surprising effects… like increased energy, better moods, and fewer headaches than usual.

The best part about it? My son doesn’t even notice it’s there.

Of course, the smartDOT is great for us adults, too – but these are clearly ESSENTIAL for children. But like any concerned parent, I wanted to know why they work so well…

How do smartDOTs work?

You can think of smartDOTs as a “mute button” for radiation. It’s actually pretty simple…

Each smartDOT is made from a specially formulated magnet. This programmed magnet uses the frequencies stored on it to retune radiation by a scientific process called “entrainment” – which means the smartDOT retunes EMF radiation before it can enter the air (or your child’s body).

Most importantly, the smartDOT does NOT use electricity. This means your device still functions normally, but the radiation is naturally filtered out by the smartDOT.

What can you use smartDOTs for?

SmartDOTs are recommended for ANY device that emits high levels of EMF radiation.

The biggest sources of radiation are mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, tablets and game consoles.

They’ve become popular among athletes, office workers and students, who say smartDOTs give them increased energy… but as I said, they’re a no-brainer for parents with small children.

Even better, the DOTs are waterproof and never expire or stop working. Once you have one on your device, you’re protected – a single smartDOT is enough to retune radiation forever.

How to get started with smartDOTs

It was extremely easy for us to get started with our smartDOTs. All we had to do was order from their website, then stick them to our phones – it was that easy!

Once we noticed the positive effects, we decided to order a few more for our WiFi router, our laptops and my son’s tablet. It’s hard to describe, but the house feels “calmer” now… I’m glad we got extras.

I’m even talking to our school board about handing them out to kids at school – and why not? There’s no risk involved, and smartDOTs can only help.

Are smartDOTs available to the public?

Once we started using them, we ALL started feeling better… so now we use them on all our devices at home. They were still new then, so we were able to get ours for a special discount.

UPDATE: The SmartDOTs Discount Sale Is Back – Here’s Where You Can Get A Great Deal On Them

Good news – the smartDOTs discount sale is back! I can’t guarantee it will be available for long, but I’ll update this section if it stops… so if you’re reading this, you’re probably in luck.

Click HERE to order your smartDOTs for the lowest price.

The Bottom Line

Trust me, these are more than just “better safe than sorry” devices. If you use your phone on a daily basis, or ESPECIALLY if you have children who use phones, tablets or video game systems often, then I HIGHLY recommend supporting your family with smartDOTs.

You’ll likely notice a boost of energy and/or fewer “unexplained headaches” (I know I have)… but the peace of mind knowing you’re safe from the dangers of EMF radiation is worth the cost 10X over.

Oh and as for my husband? He still thinks he “won” – but I consider both of us winners. After all, if it wasn’t for my concern, he never would have found this solution!

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